Cranking out the Marketing Day after Day!

Sometimes the answer is just cranking out more and more Marketing!

Sometimes the answer is just cranking out more and more Marketing!

My wonderful wife and I have been not just working ‘in’ the business, but doing the ultimate of working ‘on’ the business.

She has done an amazing job of asking questions, remaining objective and keeping me on the track.

Over the past few months we have done a great deal of analysis to influence what we are doing to grow the business, service our clients and keep winning.

I used to be the character who was obsessed with ‘shiny new toys’ and as a result I would take my eye off the ball of what matters. I know many people are like that and it’s a dangerous habit that I would also like to squash.

With objectively looking at what we are doing, I can look you in the eye and say with clarity to you what is succeeding big time for us. In short:

–          It’s looking after our clients with wonderful personal service.

–          Running Live Webinars & Live Workshops every month.

–          Filling those events with the right people.

–          Staying active on Social Media.

–          Attending wonderful networking events each week.

If I keep these points in mind, it just works and interestingly the upshot of our discussions lately hasn’t been doing more activities, but:

–          Cranking out the Marketing Day after Day!

That is from our results, it’s not going to be some ‘genius’ move or a ‘big break’ that will do it (although I would love a ‘big break’ anytime). It’s doing what I am doing better, faster with more wonderful events.

As a result, my Marketing has become a real part of my daily routine and it’s not so much a journey of questioning right now. It’s more getting up every day and cranking it out repeatedly.

My advice and thinking? In your business right now, you may not need to do anything ‘wonderful’ or ‘shiny / new’ so to speak. You may have a great strategy already and what shall make you successful is doing what you have incredibly well.

For us it’s been exactly that. We must not do anything new for now, but must do what we have incredibly well day in and day out.

Keep cranking out the Marketing friends! Day by day, week by week, year by year. Of course, you must improve, try new stuff; but remember success is made in the now.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!