Heath & Jedda are one Powercouple I have utmost respect for.  They gave that brilliant quote of 'Choose Your Hard' which inspired this article.  Thank you!

Heath & Jedda are one Powercouple I have utmost respect for. They gave that brilliant quote of ‘Choose Your Hard’ which inspired this article. Thank you!

With thanks to Heath Thompson for sharing this extremely “Profitable Thought” on Facebook last week, it was a graphical motivational photo with wording basically saying “Pushing your Comfort Zone is Hard. Being Poor is Hard. Choose Your Hard”.

Heath Thompson and his Awesome Wife Jedda are an amazing couple who I have lots of respect for – and this blog is dedicated to their awesomeness.

I really liked this statement and it instantly resonated with me, made me smile and got me thinking about Marketing & Running One’s Own Business.

For my awesome clients, colleagues and myself personally – being an effective “Salesperson / Marketer” and the like requires continual innovation and development. At times for me, pushing my own ability to market myself even requires continual stretching of my comfort zone.

Key areas I find where this becomes quite relevant includes dealing with rejection, accepting that people don’t like you, being okay with unsubscribes, having people criticize your thinking, putting yourself out into the world and of course speaking at events and the like.

You may certainly be relating to some of these items and why do we do all this? The simple answer is for growth & success. At times I get scared, grumpy and even a bit thrown out as stretching ones comfort zone can be lots of intense work.

When I think about this, I like to loop the conversation and think “What is the alternative?”

I remember what the alternative was. Failure, no money, no success and disappointment in life. For me, I made some massive mistakes during the Global Financial Crisis when I was about 30 and in reflection on that it was because I didn’t push my comfort zones.

I got “Comfortable” in my Corporate Job, didn’t push myself and I ended being in a “Ripe & Vulnerable” position where I totally lost the farm. This was painful in the time BUT AWESOME in hindsight in that coming back from it really stretched my comfort zones and got me to think on life in a totally different context.

Today for me, I wake up every day pushing my comfort zones as much as I can. I get scared, I freak out and I love it. The simple reason is that my pushing myself, I know I am not only making my life better – I get to help those around me and it gives me a massive sense of satisfaction.

My advice and thinking? Your comfort zone is something that once stretched – remains that way and expands your capability in life. Not just money, even just being able to cope with difficult situations better. Talking to the positive, it increases your ability to be healthier, help people and succeed. Always push yourself everyday – you will love it and it’s worth it.

As a Marketer – it’s very important!

Love your work, thank you for the read and if you enjoy my work – love you to check out my Premium Online Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!



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