Condon Associates Group are one Awesome Business Turnaround & Insolvency Business. Growing, expanding and busy automating.  Thank you to them for inspiring this article!

Condon Associates Group are one Awesome Forensic, Insolvency & Turnaround Practitoner. Growing, expanding and busy automating. Thank you to them for inspiring this article!

Ironically as my own business has expanded in working with Awesome Clients, Leveraging my own Marketing and running Workshops and the like – I always find it quite amusing when I am overcoming similar challenges to my own clients.

With one of the awesome people I am lucky to work with “Condon Associates Group” they are an expanding Mid-Tier Forensic, Insolvency & Business Turnaround Practitioner with new staff coming in, years of a good-will, high-end clients and lots of Marketing Activities to keep up with.

Be it they are putting out great information, running events, visiting events, working with partners and the like – when a business gets larger, “Process, Automation & Leverage” becomes even more vitally important.

As I find businesses get more established, there does exist greater requirements to really systemize their marketing and make it as efficient as possible.

In the case of say Condon Associates, my own business and many clients – I find that my personal favourite Automated & Leveraged Marketing Strategies include:

1) Social Media Done Well: Be it Facebook, LinkedIn – it’s a great way of showing yourself off to thousands at once and I love it.

2) Mailchimp / Email Marketing: Depending on the business, it can be anything from Monthly to Weekly – and one email read by 1 to 100,000 is no extra work. It’s a great way of staying connected and so super leveraged!

3) Autoresponders / Sign Ups: Leadpages is great with Mailchimp and I love having it so people can sign up and get free information sent to them with no actual work from yourself.  Powerful and feel free to test mine!

4) Video: Be it your own voice in say a PowerPoint walkthrough or yourself – you can give lots of information with relative easy to connect with market in style. If you are saying the same thing over and over again, maybe stick it in an video? Easy.

5) Events: Running Live Events is great! Speaking to 100 x People for an hour each can be done all at once and I personally love it. Be it you give away free information and invite people to purchase – or even say Social Events, it’s a great “One to Many” strategy.

6) Referral Partners: Get awesome friends to refer them business and vice versa!

7) Productize: This is a whole discussion of itself, and if you are say a Consultant, Coach or Mentor – can you turn the information in your head into a purchasable product?

My advice and thinking? If you are say growing and kicking butt like Condon Associates, Leverage & Marketing Automation can be a great way of getting more high value clients and reducing administrative time.

If you are a startup or say yourself – it’s awesome too! It can help you reach one to many – so you can get more clients on autopilot so you don’t have to chase them as much.

Enjoy! Thank you for the read and if you like what you see – feel free to check out my Own Automated Online Product “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Right Here!



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