'Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives' - Our time is precious and valuable - we must use it well! (Thank you to this Awesome Television Show)

‘Like sands through the hourglass… so are the Days of Our Lives’ – Our time is precious and valuable – we must use it well! (Thank you to this Awesome Television Show)

As I get more into Business, Marketing and the Awesome life of Entrepreneurship – the more I recognize the value of time. I remember when I started out in business, I would waste so much time hanging out with the wrong people, going to events full of people that aren’t exactly awesome like you and me – and even more so, just not being as productive as I should have.

Overtime as my business has grown and become busier – time for me is very limited and I am continually working on automating my business, working out how to give more to my clients and also get more leverage out of my time.

Really using automated emails, videos, Facebook, LinkedIn and Webinars has totally helped me in this purpose so far.

I was speaking to an awesome client today who is one amazing entrepreneur. She is a known and highly respected player in the heath / fitness industry. As I don’t want to blow this top secret cover, we shall call her * Cassandra *.

* Cassandra * is an awesome business woman who helps like-minded people with their health. She has multiple staff, lots of responsibilities to do, a family and if anyone I know if flat out – it’s this person. She also does a lot of work for charity and helping the common good & people around her. I am so grateful to have her as client!

The challenge she has is growing her business as well as keeping it running. As we have been working together, in order to grow her business – she needs to delegate more and pass part of her functions to her staff.  The reality is that in her business, nobody can (or probably ever will) sell as good as she can – as she is a working billboard for what she does.

For her to totally get the growth that she deserves, it’s all about * Cassandra * passing on more the running and maintenance of her center to her staff / getting help. As Sales & Marketing is her priority, she is delegating jobs like Bookkeeping, Administration, Customer Service and the like.

In fact – if she is selling, each new client is worth at least $600 of Gross Margin / Profit to her. In 1 hour on the phone, she could easily sell $2,000 worth of her services. Let’s say for argument sake – her time selling / spending with clients is worth $1,000 / Hour.  How much can she outsource cleaning / bookkeeping for? Say $40 / hour?

The obvious point is that for * Cassandra * and many business owners, the true value of their time is focusing on Sales / Marketing.  It’s often worth lots and the trick is as much as you can – outsource Admin & Other Duties as much as you can so you can focus on what matters.

My lessons and reflection on this one? Really look at your time, value it highly and make sure you have allocated it to the right duties. Sure, we got to clean up and do grunt work (especially when starting out), however over time you want to keep migrating it so you can focus on the big awesome stuff that no-one else can do!

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you to Awesome * Cassandra * for being the inspiration behind this article.

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