Many love our flag, but the lefties and some really don't like our country and way of life. It's really imporant you and me stay vigiliant and fight their lies with the truth!

Many love our flag, but the lefties and some really don’t like our country and way of life. It’s really important you and me stay vigilant and fight their lies with the truth!

Hello Awesome People!

It’s a really interesting trend many of us are picking up – people being fearful of showing their Public Love for our Country, our People or even the Flag. I am proud to be Aussie and I am not afraid to show it 🙂

I have noticed it a great deal lately in that when I share something about how great Australia is, how important it is to protect it or when I support our Government helping Australia – I will get say 30 Facebook Likes or something like that.

Then you will get say 3 to 5 Leftie / Australia Haters coming on commenting something snide that is basically Anti-Flag or the Australian way of life (and sadly many of these are so called ‘Australians’ themselves).

When I share items that some consider controversial, I notice it even more. I may say get 50 likes on a given post, but you will get the Australia-Haters coming on and somehow trying to discredit me, trash my argument or say something to detract from what I am saying.

The good news out of all this is that I always get multiples of people liking what I put up compared to the Australian Haters (which is just awesome). One key point I have noticed lately is that many people are just afraid to say share “Pro-Australia” things on Facebook for exactly the reason I am talking about – the Lefties coming on and trashing their posts and trolling them.

I have even shared Pro Jesus / God Stuff that people have jumped and harassed in one way or another.

It’s been a really good insight that I have picked up lately, and the good news out of all this is that, if I say put up a some Pro-Australia stuff, although the leftie / haters come out and may trash it – it gives permission to the Awesome Australian lovers to express and share such positive-views of our fine country.

I can understand why us patriots are scared of this – when I started expressing my own views on this, some people didn’t like it which at the start upset me. Now it’s great, the more I get attacked is the more I simile (as I know, many agree with me).

A very good question I get asked is why do the left side / lefties hate Australia? I think there are a lot of reasons to this that include having a distorted view of Australia, they don’t agree with our way of life, there is a religious agenda at play, their own lives suck and instead of taking responsibility they blame our country and sadly worse – some are rationalizing their hatred so they can just do what they like for whatever power trip they are on.

Either way, I think you and me have a job to do when it comes to this. Even I get scared at times when it comes to posts of this nature – however, we got to overcome that fear.

My thinking and advice? Most people really do love Australia and it’s true there is a slim minority that don’t. It’s important we push our views to keep those flag burning lefties in check.

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