It was an honour meeting the awesome Rosalyn 'Ros' Christopoulos today. Someone who walks their talk (she wouldn't let me say she eats her own dog food lol).

It was an honour meeting the awesome Rosalyn ‘Ros’ Christopoulos today. Someone who walks their talk (she wouldn’t let me say she eats her own dog food lol).

Hello Awesome People!

I was very lucky to meet with the awesome Business Manager Rosalyn “Ros” Christopoulos today. She is a kind (yet tough), soft-spoken (yet hard-willed) and fine character that I have been lucky to work with in a few events already.

We met for breakfast this morning in Western Sydney (actually walking distance from my house) to talk shop and we talked everything from Management, to Career, to Gay Marriage, to Radical Islam, Rainbow Coloured Fences and I even think I threw in a quick reference to the ABC.

During our great conversation, we spoke about the importance of business ethics and integrity, really delivering what one does for real.

As part of the conversation I uttered famous words quoted to me by an awesome client with public folklore quoting “Microsoft” being the ones that came up with:

– Eating Your Own Dog Food

This in short is a slang term for when a company uses it’s own product to validate its qualities, capabilities and to help refine it. I don’t quite know how this came up in conversation (it’s probably my fault based on my random nature early in the mornings), but it started a thread of humour and got us thinking about several key concepts.

We spoke about previous evil/horrible bosses and things we have seen in the old days about people that simply don’t do this. Be it they don’t believe in their own product, right through to those who are having a “Go” of the market in one sinister way or another.

What we have found both in our own lives is the importance of being the real deal, “Walking the walk and talking the Talk” or in our case, yes “Eating Our Own Dog Food”. I do this as much as I can in my own business; be it in the marketing strategies I employ, to the quality of my own product and care for clients. If I find something I am doing which annoys even me, I change it & stop it ASAP and improve.

My advice? Even though “Eating Your Own Dog Food” doesn’t exactly sound sophisticated, I think there are some great insights here. The more we practice what we preach the greater we master our own area of expertise. Ros is one cool operator and someone who you can tell lives by this mantra (although she preferred “Walk the Talk” over this expression).

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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  1. What a gift you have Edward! Appreciate you didn’t actually photoshop us eating dog food! Great read and keep on keeping it real 😉 Stay cool!

    • Yeah Ros – I didn’t think that was the best idea in hindsight so I just stuck to us. Thank you for being so cool!

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