When the pressure is on, it's on! This is where you just want the best with you LOL!

When the pressure is on, it’s on! This is where you just want the best with you LOL!

When it comes to success as a Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur you would have seen me blog many times over about the importance of selecting the ‘Right’ people on your team.

In this case, I am referring to this on two different levels. Firstly, those who you choose to connect with at all / work with in concept. Secondly, on more of a tactical level – that is, who you bring to a given client or introduce to someone on a given project.

Today was a humorous and fascinating reminder of how that works with Martha Arifin & I at our awesome Client ‘Escape Hunt Sydney’. As part of us really learning the account, we have been playing their various games and really getting our ‘hands and knees’ dirty as we escape the rooms!

In Escape Hunt, you basically have a room and have 60 seconds to escape. There are puzzles, clues, things you need to search and explore to unlock things and get out of there. It’s very cool and it works part of your brains that conventionally don’t get worked out (i.e. I solve problems every day, but rarely puzzle type of problems if that makes sense).

The first time I did Escape Hunt, I was on my own and this is not recommended. It was a massive challenge and I totally loved it. It was an internal challenge and Marathon which I loved in terms of the emotions I went through and getting through the puzzles.

With Awesome Martha today, it transformed from more of a hard marathon into a pleasant fun team based experience. We bounced off each other, solved different things at different times and shared some of our complementary skills.

Martha is far more intelligent me, and I am far more perceptive than Martha. For example, Martha will look at a number sequence and crack it miles before me and I will search a room and find something way before she will.

We are better at different things, hence we work just great together and get awesome results. We also are ‘egoless’ meaning that I am totally cool with the fact she is more intelligent than me. Good on her I say LOL

Today’s fun experience and bringing it back to business reminded me of working with your team, letting down your guard and allowing everyone to shine in one’s own unique way. It’s not just fun, it makes life easier, better and helps one get projects done faster.

My advice? Only work with the best and depending on the project – just take the right people with you. Let them complement your strengths and weaknesses.

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Martha Arifin and Escape Hunt Sydney – Love it!



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