Learning 'People Skills' was a tough one for me, but it was well worth it. For them, me and my hip pocket LOL (Thank you Fallout 4 for the image use).

Learning ‘People Skills’ was a tough one for me, but it was well worth it. For them, me and my hip pocket LOL (Thank you Fallout 4 for the image use).

Many people consider me quite talkative and say that I am very ‘Charismatic’ and I was lucky to be born with the ‘Gift of the Gab’.

Ah No.

Quite the opposite actually, I used to be a ‘Technical Person’ in my old days and I had very poor to average at best people skills. I have always been good natured, however developing great speechcraft wasn’t something that I developed to much later in life.

It was working undercover, living interstate on my own and tragically waking up in my mid-20’s fat, overweight and broke that got me thinking about things differently. When I came to Sydney, a bout of long-term unemployment really knocked me around.

As I came back in life I realized that being charismatic is really important for me to start my life again, let alone be successful. To clarify too, I don’t mean in that I am mean and I pretend to be nice. I mean that I drove myself to be genuinely nice from inside to outside so would not only be good for spiritual reasons, but I would be able to excel from a business point of view.

When it comes to Selling and doing the type of work I do, I am forever getting into potentially sticky situations. Be it someone is going through a lot in their own life and I have to support them, be it I do something silly and I have to dig my way out of the hole – or if I am just selling, it’s critical be a well-liked character.

For me, I spent lots of time learning how to relate to people and how to get on with them. Be it picking the personality types, just loving people, making sure I have a helpful heart and the like – all has contributed to my own charisma building over time. Talking as an ex-Technical person too, I used to be more comfortable with Pistols and Test Tubes that I was with People and Pizza.

As I changed, grew, worked closer with people over the years, I became happier and much wealthier!

My advice and thinking? Really care about people and come from the heart. Even though I had ‘weak people skills’, the fact that I cared made me charismatic and likeable over the time. Don’t be fake, be awesome and kind. That wins the day (and drives you sales LOL).

Thanks for the read, stay awesome and love your work!



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