When your 'Cheese' gets moved, sometimes it's best to mentally 'pack your bags' and get exploring!

When your ‘Cheese’ gets moved, sometimes it’s best to mentally ‘pack your bags’ and get exploring!

It’s been a great four years since I have been in business now. The first two years was quite crazy and as things have progressed, I love how things are playing out success and satisfaction wise.

One key element that occurs in being a Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur is when things out of your control turn on you. This has happened at some key times of my business when something out of left-field takes you out in an instant.

A main experience for me in 2015 was having my 4Networking Team Role finished up on me. I totally love 4Networking and consider it a key part of my life – being a core part of my own business. For me, the leadership felt that I no longer was a good fit for the team based on my views and expressiveness – and I was moved on.

Power to them and their choice – and for me, it was quite a stressful experience of losing something that was quite important to me from many viewpoints. I did visit maybe here and there afterwards – however, not as a ‘Team Member’, things were never quite the same and the original mutual fit I once had just wasn’t there anymore (it’s full of great people and by all means if you are reading this article, I encourage you to check it out – it can suit many people at the right time).

In dealing with this experience / factor that came to impact me, it resulted in me looking at things quite differently. My own awesome groups that were once something I looked after were no more and it got me thinking on a deeper level about my business.

I started thinking on a deeper level about how I can market, how I can use online technologies and look for better places for me that suited me in life. It took a few months of consideration and over time, it reminded me of that old book “Who Moved My Cheese”.

If you haven’t read that book, I strongly encourage you to check it out. After my Government days and my early corporate days (pre 25 lol), I was given this book during a very nasty Corporate Restructure.

I did win the first round of it, however the changes I went through were very stressful. Basically in this book (from my swiss cheese memory LOL) there were two mice in it.

Both lost their cheese to no fault of their own and it was a story about one being caught up in their own loss (and I think the poor little guy starved to death) and the other starting his own story of redemption and finding something new.

Our protagonist I think ended up finding more Cheese, but the interesting insight was that as he got over himself and explored – the actual ‘journey’ of exploration made him a hardcore awesome mouse.

Obviously talking about me – I certainly did get knocked around when my years of Team Service finished up in 4Networking. As I got out focused on my online, found new groups and explored, it was very daunting! (even for me).

I am now a member of NSW Business Chamber, discovered all these new groups, am running more of my own events and guess what? I am way better off that my days prior to what happened.

I thank them for moving me on as it created a new world of far better opportunities.

My advice and thinking? Stuff happens that rightly / wrongly can knock us around. That is awesome when it does. I think the feelings are a great motivator for us to think through things on a deeper level and make important changes.

As stuff happens to you, my advice (coming from an Ex-Fed) is not to fight it. Use it to your advantage.

It’s a big world out there, so explore I say!

Love your work, thanks for the read and Stay Awesome!

P.S. Check out 4Networking, it’s a great environment. I have a big mouth that always get me out of and into trouble LOL



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  1. Join the club – been there and done that. Bit as you say – go with the flow – Cos God knows what he /she is doing even iif we don’t!! B

    • Thanks Lisa! Yes, 4Networking is a great place, enjoyed my time there and highly recommend it. A great lot of people! Great to be part of when I did. Looks like God and everyone was ready for me to move on and will miss those guys 🙂

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