I'm a bad bad boi....

I’m a bad bad boi….

I have lost heaps of body fat lately. Put on lots of muscle at the gym, got rid of my belly (yay) and still not there yet – but every day brings me closer and I am very happy.

I still have some really bad days however where I seem to be more inspired by Jerry Springer rather than Michelle Bridges when it comes to food. On the previous Friday I met up with the awesome Moe at Coco Cubano Parramatta and it was afternoon and I so needed something sweet.

There was this struggle within that was almost tearing me apart lol. Eventually my willpower ran out and I went the Affogato (Hot Coffee with Cold ice cream, hmmm) and then really went insane and got the Double Waffles with more ice cream (OMG!).

As you can appreciate, I felt very guilty that day and had to work extra hard at the gym that night. It was very naughty of me and I think I went a bit too far that day.

After questioning my behaviour and striving to improve, it got me thinking more about ‘Self Discipline’ and what it actually means. I remember once being in the Australian Army (before my Fed days) and everyone says “Wow, were you really disciplined?”

My answer is no. This may sound odd from a guy who once walked 22km with a full pack and ran 2.4km in 10 minutes (which is good for me LOL), but the truth was I wasn’t disciplined.

That is, I had people making me doing it. I had no choice as I was being forced too. During the actual training you are made to do things.

After you finish your training and say you are in the Regular Army, then that is different. You have choices all of a sudden and then ones true test of discipline comes to the surface. I remember some really lost it.

Bringing it back to business and being our own bosses, if we choose to go to the gym when no one is making us, that is discipline. If we choose to work extra hard and go to a networking event by ourselves, this is self-discipline kicking in and it’s a very attractive trait.

Yes, I did mess up on Friday – however, I picked it up over the weekend and I feel much better about things and am doing more work. Self Discipline for me has been a profitable thing to have and at the end of the day, my brilliant marketing strategies only work for me (and my clients) if they are carried out correctly.

My thinking and advice? “Self Discipline” is a critical trait that I have taken years to develop and focus on heavily. Don’t lose sight of it – sure you may mess up like me, but keep making yourself better, stronger and do what’s good for you that you “don’t like” first.

After a while you get used to it, and awesome! It then comes automatically.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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