From using Vault Boy as a video prop to lots of coffee...New Ideas Required!

From using Vault Boy as a video prop to lots of coffee…New Ideas Required!

When it comes to Marketing with strength and confidence it requires a steady flow of ideas.

Be it you are attending networking events & tweaking your pitch, using Facebook, writing blog articles or even improving your newsletter – we need new ideas!

Great ideas usually don’t last forever and for me, I have faced the challenge within of coming up with new ideas all the time.

As I work in Marketing too, my clients and the market rightly puts that expectation on me and I find myself at times exploring for new ideas to keep me creative and keep me thinking. What I have done lately has worked on my “Perception”. That is basically being observant, keeping an eye on all sorts of Marketing messages I see and even more so – not being afraid to try new ideas.

One key theme I have found in coming up with new ideas is trying something new and interesting. I love the idea of “Keeping it Real” in being authentic and genuine. Whenever I have tried to be something I am not, it hasn’t worked, it’s been cheesy and annoying at best.

When I have been straight up, myself, focusing on what matters and being direct – the ideas have flown and come across incredibly easy for me.

Talking to my awesome clients too, I have found exactly the same thing. When people are trying to be “Too Creative”, strangely enough great ideas tend to not come and even worse – it creates a feeling of frustration.

When we focus on the simple side of things and work on improving it – great ideas come many. My take on this is that it eases of the pressure, makes things more positive and evidently we are happier and the creative brain kicks in.

I find under stress / pressure, ideas aren’t always the best – but when we are “Happy / Focused” great ideas tend to come.

My advice and thinking? Try not to hit a “Home Run” with your creative ideas. Focus on simple, great ideas and go for it. Keep an open mind and you never know what may come up!

Love your work, trust it helps and stay awesome!



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