Personal Selling is a long lost art and it was great learning from Heath Thompson on this one!

Personal Selling is a long lost art and it was great learning from Heath Thompson on this one!

As much as I love Facebook, YouTube, Email Marketing and Online tools – it’s often bound together by one critical Sales & Marketing Strategy “Knowing How to Sell!”

We are founded in the modern age using the latest technology and with all this in mind, we went back to where it all began and looked into “Old School Selling” and how it really worked.

Modern technology is awesome however one drawback of today is the lack of personal interaction people can have. Be it SMS, Facebook Messenger, Chat Aps and the like – people today rarely have the personal interaction people had in the pre-internet world.

This is actually quite a problem when it comes to selling. As people don’t have to “Communicate” face to face, it can weaken our natural persuasive and charismatic skills.

Talking to the positive, Finance & Health Entrepreneur Health Thompson (from Buy Invest Growth) and I joined forces in this Live Webinar to better explore this concept and give some great ideas & strategies to our viewers.

Check out the recording below, we are here to help – and of course if you love what you see, I’d love you to consider becoming a member of my Online Marketing Community The Awesome Marketing Vault. Enjoy!




2 Responses

  1. HI Edward,

    You never amaze us enough in the way you share invaluable insights about marketing and selling!
    Love what you do, Edward and Health!

    Health, I applaud you for explaining how sales can be easily made in multi-level marketing simply be asking the right questions and listening to the answers. Professionals will not twist others’ arms in order to get a sale, they bow out. Or, even recommend some other ways that the potential buyer can get his or her needs met!

    Thank you for your insights!

    Viola Tam

    • Thank you Viola and love your work. You always give great commentary and it’s very appreciated and valued. Keep up the great work and love it my friend LOL

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