Parramatta & NSW Business Chamber have been great new places for me build myself. 'Welcome Home' is all I can say!

Parramatta & NSW Business Chamber have been great new places for me build myself. ‘Welcome Home’ is all I can say!

Life has changed a lot for me over the past 12 months. Like many of you I am sure, I have had bad things and awesome things happen to me this year in bucket loads.

Ironically the start of my year totally sucked and now it’s awesome. I had people reject me, kick me out of places, give me lots of trouble and there was a good month there it took lots of focus and work to get through the days.

I was very blessed however to have some amazing people support me and help me through that time and I surprisingly came out on top really quickly (which quite impressed me).

One massive change for me was being moved on from some groups I was involved in and also being no longer welcome in key social circles.

My life went through lots of upheaval at the time and during this time of rejection & isolation – came into play an improvement of thinking and even though my “Online Life” was really coming into play just then (and my own events were rocking) – I wanted to find some great new groups to visit and get to meet new great people.

I started getting in much deeper with Parramatta (Western Sydney) Business Chamber and it was great. I went to more events, started helping out more and surprise, surprise – started getting more meetings & clients. It’s truly a great place which has been great for me.

As the storyline developed, I finally (finally LOL) joined the NSW Business Chamber and still buzzing / very impressed from my first meeting there today. Like Parramatta Chamber (and bigger), it’s full of bigger businesses, great people and potential that would hire trusty Marketing Mentors like myself for big projects.

Basically a lot of networking groups are full of Smaller Business Owners. Depending on your business, this may be good or bad – and for me, as time passed I have worked closely with larger business (hence Chambers have become more suitable).

In short, all I can say to myself is “Welcome Home”. 

It feels great to meet new great people and be part of an organization where I better fit in. Even though the business has grown and overall 2015 has been awesome, it wasn’t a nice feeling being “Rejected” from places, but it turned to my advantage (or perhaps I turned it LOL).

My advice and thinking on this one? Things change in Sydney and sometimes what we consider great places can change very quickly. Tragically when that happens, I find we have to be agile and ready to pack our bags and move on. For me, working through this process has been very liberating and it has been an honour getting deeper into the Chambers.

Check out their sites, they are awesome and well worth it. Thanks for the read, appreciate the love and stay awesome!



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