The Enemy Within is tragically here to stay - for now.

The Enemy Within is tragically here to stay – for now.

As I write this blog, like many across the world I am watching the headlines almost every 15 minutes to see what news is coming out in relation to the latest Radical Islamic Terrorist attack in France. The death toll is now at 140+ and it obviously has many people talking.

Tragically many Military and Intelligence Analysts (myself too as an Ex-Federal Agent a long time ago) are saying there is only more to come as things change in the world and civilizations collide as we become a ‘Global Order’ (which we are already seeing come together).

I have lots of great Muslim friends (along with all religions) and I feel for them as well as the obvious victims. We have a great “Enemy Within” of evil people using the Radical writings of Islam to “Permit” them to conduct their crimes in their own pursuit of power and keeping the world in their own medieval interpretation of what they consider “Perfection”.

Lots has come out about this and it was only about 2 years ago, I started talking about this. At the time many condemned me for bringing this up (it was even a factor that influenced me being moved on from Leadership Roles in Networking Groups) and what I was saying then – is almost common consensus from people “on the street in Sydney”.

As with Globalization, we are seeing massive shifts in the world powers. Who’d ever thought Russia & China would be taking over the Middle East, the US would been seen as a “Soft Touch” and Europe’s economy would go to the dogs with unrest coming along.

As I #PrayForParis, I can only feel this is the start of much more to come. As the world “rebalances” there are going to be only more conflicts.

My take on where this is going is that there are going to be some big wars and massive conflicts. There will be winners & losers – with the winners writing history.

We need to make sure we are on the winning side.

#PrayForParis and I wish the families of the deceased swift justice.



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