The Base Body Babes were inspirational talking the Microsoft Band 2 at the Sydney Store Launch!

The Base Body Babes were inspirational talking the Microsoft Band 2 at the Sydney Store Launch!

It’s been quite an awesomely intense few days for me.

From working with awesome new clients, doing lots of charity work, getting my hands on Fallout 4 and of course the launch of the Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney.

As I come down from the high, I was going through the videos and photos and reflecting on the experience. As you go through the Microsoft Store, one can easily be overloaded just by the pure range of what Microsoft does.

Even though I am a Microsoft Buff, one product that I never heard of till that day was the “Microsoft Band”. It is exactly that, a Fitness Band and fitness device by Microsoft.

As I worked my way through the store, even though there were hundreds of people, I attracted “a whle lwat” of attention with my voice, antics, selfie videos and of course carrying a “Vault Boy Bobblehead” with me.

I was speaking to staff and very quickly they started treating me differently in that I could tell they thought I was a paid actor / official part of Microsoft (I only wish LOL). I was invited behind the scenes into a room with none other than the “Base Body Babes”  – two ‘Greek Chicks’ who I was totally blown away by their drive, energy, professionalism and style.

They were part of the official Microsoft Team doing of demonstration of the Microsoft Band 2 Fitness tracker and I was with cameras and people behind the scene and loving learning about it.

What kind of impressed me about this is how much Microsoft has made a comeback in many markets. I remember not using Windows 7 too long ago, having clunky laptops with poor looks and Microsoft was certainly nothing cool at all (let alone healthy).

This has all changed of course recently with Microsoft clearly on the path to be the “Coolest Brand” on the planet. Even though they still probably aren’t as “Cool” as Apple overall (just yet), this is changing very quickly and in some markets this is no doubt the case (e.g. Gaming).

Talking to our friends the Base Body Babes as well, they were mascots of the Microsoft Band 2 on the day and it was a pleasure watching them in action.

I learned a lot of things on the day and whoever thought Microsoft would have health products. My lessons and learnings? The world moves quickly and market leaders of yesterday can be text book studies of today. Equally, tired brands can reinvent themselves to something very new….

Bravo Microsoft and thank you Base Body Babes! Love their work and no doubt many more things to come.



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