Our best video ever on Facebook. Love it and it's working a treat!

Our best video ever on Facebook. Love it and it’s working a treat!

I just finished a great Webinar with the Awesome Martha Arifin today and we had a very engaged crowd asking some totally brilliant questions. As we went through it we spent quite a bit of time talking ‘Video Marketing’. It was a regular recurring theme and it’s worked incredibly well for myself in my own business.

Photos are great, text is great – however from a Sales & Conversion point of view, Video has been totally amazing.

You can say put up Professional Videos or even great rough cuts straight from your Mobile Phone uploaded to say Facebook. This has worked so well for my business in that many of my posts are now video. I have proven to myself that it works better than normal posts and these are my theories why:

1) Facebook gives it more views than texts (that is true – they are prioritizing content).

2) People are more likely to click it and watch it.

3) People will either be turned on or turned off by my message. Some who don’t like me will leave and the real ones will stick around.

4) The link is easily visible for them to click on.

5) Overall – it gets more ‘Converted’ clicks coming through.

You can get a video (say from your mobile) which is shot through say your eyes giving commentary, looking at something or even a ‘Selfie’ video of you talking.

You may even have a professional video done which you put out there to really wow people and get exposure.

My advice? If you are into Facebook, do some work with video. It rocked for me and worth it!

Love your work, thanks for the read – check out The Awesome Marketing Vault & Stay Awesome!



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