This function was an educational and inspiring hit. We had this cool guy dressed as a 'Black Knight' from the old days. Pretty cool I think!

This function was an educational and inspiring hit. We had this cool guy dressed as a ‘Black Knight’ from the old days. Pretty cool I think!

This has been a very long and rewarding week in my business. I have seen tons of clients (including some new ones), been to some great events and have finished off my week at an function on ‘The Siege of Malta’.

As a Knight with the Order of Saint John (which I usually abbreviate as OSJ) it has me getting more involved in charity and I totally love it.

This was held by the fine team at Condon Associates.

With the Knights of Saint John, the Siege of Malta is a key part of defining their history. Basically, the were up against massive odds against the Ottoman Empire, held out and prospered. If they lost Malta, Queen Elizabeth of the time was very concerned that this would be the end of Western Civilization as they knew it then.

It’s quite a great story – with many parallels to modern warfare that we see today. In the time, the Knights of Saint John were one powerful military unit and were exactly that – ‘Black Knights’. They wore robes with a White Cross with strong Black and in their time would have been very intimidating on the battlefield.

Today the Order continues, not so much as Black Knights but more as ‘Red Knights’ with a charitable objective to help the poor, sick and needy (with much of it being expressed through support of hospitals). I am very honoured to be part of it and much of this history has got me thinking.

This key battle in history was a turning point for much of Western Civilization. If the Siege of Malta was lost, it could have meant a massive victory for the Ottoman Empire. This could have lead to a totally different world as we know it and as one goes through history – it full of deeds, disasters, villians and heroes (with of course the viewpoint changing depending on which side you are on).

Bring it back to present day this has me¬†thinking about how the dangerous ‘Black Knights’ of the past became Charity workers today and how cool that is.

My advice and lessons from today? The world can be a troubled place at time and it requires both muscle and charity to make things great. Once people that killed to protect their kingdom, now ironically donate money to hospitals.

You never quite know how things are going to change. But, I am certain – if enough of us are trying to do the right thing and help others, more are likely to follow in our paths….

Love your work, thank you for reading my thoughts of and course – Stay Awesome!



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