Win Win Business Relationships Rock! Only work with the best I say!

Win Win Business Relationships Rock! Only work with the best I say!

I met with a fantastic new client today. I cannot tell you her name, but she knows who she is the and the massive amount of respect I have for her.

We had a great conversion in our meeting today working on Marketing and spending quite a bit of time talking about being ‘Streetsmart’ and knowing the ‘Battlefield’ of the Sydney Small Business Scene.

For me these days, things are much better. I have a great base of clients and readers of my blog and fans on Facebook (thank you!).  I am incredibly grateful for the life I have today and it’s a massive turn of events after once being unemployed and spending some time living in my car during some rough years.

As we spoke, we talked about a key topic of people ‘screwing’ us in business. I am not going to be diplomatic and shall not distort the truth:

Both of us have had really had people take advantage of our good nature and screw us over.

Most people are awesome and there is tragically this poisoned minority that take advantage of great people like you, me and my colleague from today.

We spoke about the balance between ‘Trusting’ & ‘Protecting’ in that you got to be careful in Sydney. I have had people thank me for services and not pay my bills (even though I helped them make lots of money), people that used me for my connections and dumped me when it suited them. My friend had people try and rip her off and put her down to suit their own agenda.

What is really tragic was that this person is totally awesome. She is an amazing person loaded with care, intelligence and integrity.

The truth is that there are some real scumbags out there and one must be careful.

My advice and thinking? Be ‘Trustingly Careful’. Sydney is full of great people and you got to be careful of scum pretending to be your friend. Make sure your business dealings are pure WIN / WIN. When you do that, it’s great and sustainable to everyone.

Thank you for the read, love your work & Stay Awesome!



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