PROFITABLE Live Workshops, Webinars and Seminars (Webinar Recording)

Enjoy my Live Webinar RecordingWe are busy winning friends and tonight was a fine Live Webinar talking how to run ‘Events for Profit’ (so to speak).

Be it online, face to face or whatever the case may be; gatherings of this nature are great Marketing opportunities for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s a great expression of leverage. Let’s say you get 20 x people along and go for an hour. That is like 20 hours of actual strength you get.

Secondly, it sets you up as a leading expert. You are in the front educating and that just matters.

Thirdly, the photos or say webinar recording gives you great ‘Social Proof’ material to share online.

These days I personally aim to run 1 to 2 x webinars a month and 2 live workshops a month and it’s been well worth it. My new high value clients from this channel has been incredible with lots of my clients loving this strategy for their own enterprises as well.

My advice and thinking? Listen to the recording. It’s here and my gift to you. Enjoy!