When you know it’s time for your REBOOT

Conway Twitty - A legendary master of successful reboots!

Conway Twitty – A legendary master of successful reboots!

For those that have known me for many any length of time; you will have seen the massive ‘Reboot’ I went through good year ago.

Although it is a continuous type of experience, I desperately needed a Reboot which I embarked on that totally changed everything for me. It’s resulted now in me being a new person, an awesome personal life and the people that have known me all along pleased with my development.

In an Online and Event sense I have been doing that big time and you will know exactly when it’s time for a ‘Reboot’ in your very own way. It’s when you hit a wall, when you get savvier, when you get some big wins or even that you are just ‘frustrated’ with your lot in life and it’s time for something new and powerful.

It has turned into exactly that for me in many ways with 2017 easily being the most productive year of my life. There have been parts of my business that are awesome and parts I want to make awesome and I am in the process of making it all happen.

That is the beauty of being an entrepreneur; the sky has no limit in terms of what we put in and I find that the more my mind is in abundance mode the more likely I am to find the opportunities and come up with great ideas that totally change everything.

In fact, I remember once learning about Conway Twitty through a bit of satire on Family Guy. He was an American Country Music Singer that was able to keep ‘reinventing’ himself through the ages. Every reboot kept him relevant and going and going.

My advice and thinking on this one? We aren’t any different to Conway Twitty. In fact all these reboots are a critical part of not only who we are, but who we are going to be and the rising popularity that we all seek.

If you think about it this way; you have to keep getting better and better to grow. Your current results are the outcome of your behaviours now. If you want more, it’s time to grow big time.

So here is to reboots, change and winning!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends.

P.S. Conway Twitty – you rock!