Making Facebook 100% YOUR OWN!

Tina is in the zone. Love her work!

Tina is in the zone. Love her work!

If you have read some of my previous blogs or seen my posts; you may have seen some references to the awesome Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes.

I have been lucky to know her for years and in that time watch her business grow, her style become more powerful and also see her Facebook manifest into something totally amazing and very profitable.

If you check out her page here, you can see how she does her Facebook. Tina does really well out of Facebook with a seemingly endless stream of high value clients coming her way and I find it impressive on many levels.

There are a range of reasons as to why Tina does well out of Facebook with the main reason I wish to herald being how she has made it “her own”. That is if you say scroll down her page you will see the unique photos, videos, upbeat style, the tone and the magnetism you get from the page.

It has translated into sales and I love just how unique it is. I have never seen a page anything like it and when I show her page to clients as to what is possible, I get wows and such a great response.

Using Tina’s success as a case study here for this point:

  • You must make your FB so awesomely unique, that people just love you!

She has done her own thing and evolved her natural style over time. You could even say she is quite the pioneer in here in what she has done.

My advice and thinking? Be uniquely you and stay away from copying others. Sure you may get some ‘inspiration’, but please keep it as light as possible and make sure you make it your own. This helps you to be totally unique and show everyone that you are leader.

People hire the best! At least the right people (lol).

Love your work, thank you Tina and visit her powerhouse Facebook page here!