The Key to Sales Success is being Generous. What better way to prove that you can be trusted and you know your stuff?

The Key to Sales Success is being Generous. What better way to prove that you can be trusted and you know your stuff?

Hello Awesome People!

My business partner Martha Arifin and I have been Kicking Butt lately, with tons of new Clients, cracking Mid-Tier & Corporates – making new High Profile friends along the way. It’s been an Honour and one of the big Reasons we have picked up a lot of new and Awesome Accounts is because of how people find that we are quite Generous with Information.

Talking our larger Clients, they are almost always being Canvassed by other Consultants, Coaches & Agencies offering them so called “Great Solutions”. One of them was offered a Package at a special rate of $5,500 / Month so someone can promote them for more Clients.

When the Client rightfully asked “How does this work?” – the Agency came back saying “That’s confidential” and it’s “Proprietary Information” and the like.

So wait a second, and stop right there. Someone walked in asking for almost $6K / Month and they aren’t going to tell their Potential Client how they are going to use it to Benefit them? Wow! that’s a big Mistake. And what a load of BS? (my Awesome Client then chucked them out).

Talking on the Positive, Martha and I have done Incredibly well through the Generosity we Present to our Potential Clients in all our Initial Meetings. We sit with the Potential Clients, try to give them nothing but Value to our personal Best for 2 hours, and we almost always get an Invite back and/or the Opportunity to Quote / Propose on a Fee Based Project or Ongoingly.

It’s all starting to make Sense to me now. People are sick and tired of meeting people who are just trying to sell them something or “Lure” them into some type of Offer without a Mutual Understanding on both Parties. People Love hiring people who can Solve their Problems through being Generous with information.

Put yourself in our Potential Clients’ Position:

“If for Free they help me this Much, Imagine if I actually gave them Money?”

When you look at things from this Viewpoint it gives Rise to many great things & Insights.  My Thinking & Advice? Give, give & give when you are Pitching / Working with people. It is only Proof and a Demonstration of the fact that you are Awesome at What you Do, and you Know what you are Doing.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!



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  1. “That’s confidential!” Reminds me what I was told by a bank employee after my credit card had been used without my knowledge.

    The amount was refunded, and I was grateful. However when I asked if they had found who had done it the answer came back as …. you can guess what.

    My brother in law reckons they had no idea whodunnit and hence they reply “That’s confidential”.

    • That is what I think too and great contribution as always Alfred. I think people do play the “Confidential” card because they don’t know / know it’s dodgy. Love your work and you rock!

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