TEDx is coming and pumped! Watch this space.

TEDx is coming and pumped! Watch this space.

My Monday this week was fantastic and was lucky to catch up with two savvy characters for a working lunch.

This is part of the upcoming TEDx event hosted by the Northern Sydney Institute (part of TAFE NSW). I am lucky to be invited back as ‘Speaker Mentor’ and we were getting into that with myself, Katharine Collins who is also a speaker mentor and with our awesome illustrious leader Felicity Mar.

It’s still months out and we are planning it now, getting into it and already working with speakers to ensure they deliver on the actual day compelling substance.

After considering this fine lunch and reflecting on it more; Felicity and the team from Northern Sydney Institute run some pretty high profile events. From having celebrities visit, massive speeches, big open days and to hosting TEDx events on their premises.

You can’t pull off quality without time and if I think of the thousands of people I have worked with over the years, tragically the ‘last minute’ people usually do quite poorly in business.

Let’s say for example you are launching a massive event or a workshop. If you leave too much stuff to the last minute, it will probably be a poor to average (at best) event. If you get into it prior, fill it up with tons of people, do a great job and are well rested before hand – chances are you will have an average to excellent type of event.

In reflecting on Felicity and Katharine and the like; it’s further inspired me to be extra prepared and get stuff done earlier. I am already quite good at that, however I think I can become ‘great’ at that.

My advice friends? Never leave stuff to the last minute! Work ahead, get stuff done earlier. This allows you to do a better quality job and is in fact far less stressful that freaking yourself out on the 11th hour for no reason.

Love your work, thank you Felicity & Katharine and till TEDx in November. Watch this space friends!



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