Ellen DeGeneres, Usain Bolt and the quest for ratings

Ellen DeGeneres is a master entertainer and knows what she's doing! (Image credit and thanks to Wikipedia)

Ellen DeGeneres is a master entertainer and knows what she’s doing! (Image credit and thanks to Wikipedia)

You will know me as one of the least politically correct people ever. I love calling it as it is and I often flaunt the fact I am ‘Middle Eastern’ (and not white) to allow me to get away with humour that few people can get away with.

The fact I also have an Asian Wife means I cannot be racist at all (lol) and it has become part of my core humour. Still though, I do come across things where I think maybe do go a bit too far.

One recent post from Ellen DeGeneres has been her photoshopped of her being ‘piggy backed’ by Usain Bolt.

I think it’s a questionable post with what is going down in the US right now with very poor race relations between Black America and its mainstream. Still though, I think it’s part of freedom of speech and it’s great to push back against the tyranny of Political Correctness.

It’s gone viral, got Ellen lots of attention and she is a very savvy business woman and entertainer. She is on the defense saying “I am not a racist” and even has bloggers like me writing about her.

What I love about this is how Ellen has really taken advantage of the media to make herself popular and talked about. In fact, it’s a bit of a ‘Donald Trump’ move in that I bet my bottom dollar that she knew exactly the reaction it would create.

Talking Australia, I instantly thought of Sonia Kruger a few months back when she talked restricting Muslim Immigration to Australia. Sonia knew it would create a backlash; but would also win over many supporters and get her in the public discussion space.

I think Ellen has done exactly the same thing and I bet her motives are:

– Creating more interest in herself

– Broadening her audience away from the political left

– Her own way of pushing back against political correctness

It was no accident as Ellen is a brilliant entertainer that knows exactly what she is doing. In fact, she is manipulating her critics and haters to promote her.

Donald Trump is doing the same thing. He loves it when you have crazy people at his rallies making noise and causing trouble. It makes him popular.

My advice friends? Understand your critics and know the media. You can play them to your advantage. Your critics can be your best supporters in that they spread your word and make you popular.

As you get attacked, you also win people to your side. Sonia Kruger, Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres – they know what their doing : )

Love your work, thank you for the read and keep rocking Ellen!