Ying Yang rocks. Great finding awesome people!

Ying Yang rocks. Great finding awesome people!

For whatever strange reason, I feel like business today is reminiscent of my very early days as a Fed working the streets. I walk around, meet with great people, find out information trying to help people.

I am very grateful with my business rocking these days and along the way I have meet some fantastic people.

I meet many exceptional characters that just seem to make that impact on you. It may be their elite skill, kind words, top fitness, sharp intelligence or even they make you laugh with incredibility original and compelling humour.

During a shared webinar, I met one rising star by the name of ‘Ying Yang’. She is a Mentor that helps people with balance, productivity and results. Although I have only just met her, her reputation precedes her.

She was on a Live Webinar I was helping run and she asked lots of questions and gave great feedback. Afterwards we connected and she instantly invited me to a workshop she was speaking at the next day.

I usually don’t accept event invites from people I just meet (I have been burned many times), but in this case – I felt it was a good move.

Turns out it was a great move.

She had organised an event in a nice office in Sydney CBD, it was full of great people and Ying Yang gave some compelling advice that just made sense. It was great tips on productivity, performance, handling stress and well – just winning. I met great people, ate lots of Rocky Road (my favourite), said no to alcohol but embraced sugar lol.

My advice and learnings? Keep an open mind and an eye out. As we explore the streets, meet people and the like we often get blessed to meet some exceptional people. Ying Yang is most certainly one of them (feel free to Google / Facebook her).

Exceptional people always give us some new great idea to work with and take our lives to the next level. For me, it’s productivity and health! Some great tips I got from the savvy character.

Thanks for the read, love your work Ying Yang and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to Kai Yan for the shared webinar and introduction. You rock.



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