Usain Bolt rocks. I may have to stick his picture behind me on my desk. (Image Credit and Thanks to epicPew!)

Usain Bolt rocks. I may have to stick his picture behind me on my desk. (Image Credit and Thanks to epicPew!)

It’s a day working from the home office and loving it. Hit the gym, cleaned up my emails, been working on my awesome big clients and I was blessed to see a great Facebook Post about a new man of the moment ‘Usain Bolt’.

I loved the point of view of this article from epicPew talking about his Catholic Faith, his connection to the Vatican and how it’s played a part in his success.

As a Templar / Christian character, I think stories like this are awesome and are few and far between. With the ‘Left’ running the media and the West (for now), being a Christian has been a tough one with everyone attacking / critiquing every aspect of your life.

But the good news is that things are swinging fast and as much as the left don’t like this; Christianity is growing. As much as they don’t want you to know this, being a Christian is actually a very cool thing and it makes you feel very strong and certain.

Talking on a street level / the city I live; Sydney – the most loaded people across town I know are Christians (including Catholics and the lot here – the whole movement). It’s not just one person here and there – even the top business chambers have Christians in their top level positions.

The Christian’s I know too are very successful people, have great families and have their act together.

I can attest to this actually. My life used to totally suck, but once I got into JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! my life turned for the better.

It’s now totally awesome and when it’s been hard, that Christian faith has been there for me. Interestingly too, all of the non-Christian people I know usually don’t have a lot of money. Could it be the circles I move in? Maybe, but I doubt it.

The truth for myself and my friends have been that when you are in the zone and a follower of Christ, you just tend to win lots more. You get more confident, you sleep better at night, take better risks and when stuff goes against you – the ‘Christian Viewpoint’ makes you a tougher soldier.

My advice friends? If you are a Christian get more into it. If you aren’t a Christian – check it out. I can promise you will love it.

Stay awesome, love your work, thank you Usain Bolt, the Pope, Donald Trump and of course Jesus!



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