Marketing Postcards just rock! A very powerful and economical form of promotion.

Marketing Postcards just rock! A very powerful and economical form of promotion.

If you have eaten at the amount of cafes I have in my lifetime, then you must have seen the postcards they have of some form. Be it the great ones in the racks with great designs promoting cool concepts, or even ones the cafe have done themselves to promote their services.

I remember when I was a young Marketing Manager (post my Government & Technical Days) working for a very impressive Bakery Cafe Franchise at the time. I was working with Clemenger (one of Australia’s Top Advertising Agencies) and they actually recommended coming up with post cards.

I came up with heaps actually which the franchisees loved – and I remember at the time the CFO of the company just hated it. He wasn’t exactly a ‘Pro Marketing’ fan and did whatever he could to reduce my budgets which made it hard to produce anything of quality.

However, in business for myself what must be over 10 years later, I have done post cards and yay! They look awesome and already they have done wonders for my business so I had to show them off. The problem I have found (which created the need for it) was basically having something in between a Business Card and a Corporate Profile.

That is, let’s say someone asked “So Ed, what are your services?”. I would either hit them with my massive Corporate Profile or give them a business card and say something lame like (check out my website).

At the basic interest end, I knew this wasn’t good enough and I always had it in my mind to come up with a postcard. I finally did and it’s awesome.

Already some of my clients are using this as an example to create their own and I really like it. Postcards can look great, are quite inexpensive and you can come up with a clever message / design on one side and on the reverse have the detail with a “Light Sell”.

For me it’s been great in that people have taken it, it’s prompted them to check out my website and buy something which is great.

My advice and thinking? Postcards aren’t for everyone – but depending on your business and marketing approach one can really benefit from this. Get a designer & printer (I use Phillip Raish from WILD FX in Sydney who is awesome) to take care of it and you will be very happy.

Then hand them out at events or to everyone where appropriate!

Love your work, enjoy, best of luck with your postcards & stay awesome!



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