Planning for 2016 is everything - right now! Enjoy the recording.

Planning for 2016 is everything – right now! Enjoy the recording.

Tonight was a very special topic which means a lot to me – that is planning for a successful 2016! I have learned over the years it’s very important to think about where you are going, be sensitive to what worked, what didn’t and building that into the thinking for more success.

I have actually taught on this topic more times than I can remember. It’s received a lot of acclaim in that people love the ‘3 x Page’ plan format, enjoy it giving them some structure and the KPI / Weekly shopping list requirements are just great.

In ‘eating my own dog food / practicing what I preach’ – my key insight and learning from all this has been knowing what lies ahead and having a well thought out plan for one’s business. For me personally, I want my 2016 to be productive from the word go with that requiring me to having everything sorted and fully on track.

My advice and thinking? What the video, contact me if you need a hand and work out how you are going to succeed and nail 2016. As you document that, it makes it even more stronger…

Love your work, enjoy & thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor!




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