Sometimes you just have to get out there and explore! (Image Credit - Fallout and Bethesda Softworks)

Sometimes you just have to get out there and explore! (Image Credit – Fallout and Bethesda Softworks)

It’s been some time now, since I have been out of my old business networking community. I was very lucky to once help head a Networking Business Community which I really enjoyed and was a key part of my life for a few years.

Full of great people and a concept which I have a great deal of respect for – my time, eventually there ran outwith the growth of my business and other people wanting to take over from where I left off.

For me it was quite a shock to the system at first in that my business was heavily reliant and built off this business network. Even though it wasn’t the best for me in terms of actual business owners present – it was my “Safe Space” so to speak.

As time passed, I focused more on the business chambers which has been a radical evolution for my business. I have also been visiting entrepreneur events as well in which I have been able to meet way more business owners which has been great for my business.

In fact, in hindsight – I wish I voluntarily left a few years earlier and gone out earlier as the “Lone Wanderer” and find new profitable events to explore.

Outside of my previous sandbox, I have been visiting new events and it’s just been great and for me – it kind of reminds me of a common “Video Game” plot / structure.

Like the Fallout Video Games (or most of them), a common theme is that you start off really powerful or with a life. After about 10 minutes of gameplay, a big disaster happens resulting in you losing everything and rebuilding all over again (being a ‘Nuclear War’ in Fallout). You start off usually destitute on your own and it’s tough going.

As the game progresses you struggle at the start and as things pick up and the game progresses, you get stronger, get new powerful allies and tougher to the point – where you are way stronger than at the start.

This is more or less what happened to me in that regard. Out of my original networking group and it was a small setback at the start. However, very quickly as a “Lone Wanderer” I discovered the awesome NSW Chamber, got more into other places and found these new events.

Now I have more clients and my business is even more awesome. Nice!

My advice and lessons? In business, you got to carve your own way and you just sometimes have to go out on your own and find new places where you fit in. It can be a bit scary at the start (it was for even me), but once you get some traction and get used to it – it’s well worth it!

Love your work, go out and explore and stay awesome!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor x x



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