Being yourself is everything in Marketing and Business! (Image Credit - Thank you ESPN Go)

Being yourself is everything in Marketing and Business! (Image Credit – Thank you ESPN Go)

As 2015 wraps up, I have been working away, setting up things for 2016 and reviewing my posting on Facebook.

On my personal page, I tend to go very political (which I love), but my better half gave me some great advice basically saying: “Edward this is great, but keep it more Marketing”.

I couldn’t agree with it more and since that I have been observing key people who are quite “Controversial” and sharing their posts more looking at it from a Marketing viewpoint.

From me slamming Obama for not being a true American, to worshipping Donald Trump, professing my love for former Australian PM Tony Abbott – right through to giving commentary on why vaccines are critical for children’s health.

One thing that has come true and true for me all along is the profitable importance of being yourself. If I think of the Top Marketers and Celebrities in the world, they are masters of this. One brilliant character is of course “Caitlyn Jenner”.

Now if you don’t know Caitlyn Jenner I would either ask if you have been living in a cave or even better – congratulate you for not exposing yourself to mainstream media. Born Bruce Jenner, a retired Olympic Decathlon Winner – Caitlyn has gone through a “Gender Transformation” which the news travelling to every part of the globe.

Let’s say there is a secret Human Colony on Mars that we don’t know about, I bet you they would know about it the day it came out.

Caitlyn Jenner yes is very famous and she already achieved a level of fame before her gender transition. Obviously this process took that to the next level and what you have to give to Caitlyn, is her ability to be truly herself.

Loaded or not financially, it would take a great deal of guts to go through a Gender Transition of this nature and it goes to show the importance of being yourself. Caitlyn is incredibly popular as it is and a big testament of being yourself.

They are well known celebrities for their differences – even to the point of both being lampooned on South Park and being key discussion of almost everywhere.

My advice and learning from these celebrities? Just be yourself. Be yourself! It’s true that people won’t accept you, but the people that do – will really think you are awesome. This is great from a business viewpoint in terms of getting hired – as you are 100% authentic and people just trust you more.

Being 100% Authentic is a great Marketing Strategy. Why? People may, or may not like you – BUT they trust you.

Trust is everything in selling and the more we can walk the talk, the better we are.

Here’s to being ourselves, thanks for the read – and stay awesome why doncha?



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