The photo speaks many words!

The photo speaks many words!

If you follow me on FB, you will notice I do lots of videos and heaps of content. I do get the odd person saying “you are doing too much”, but overall it’s been an explosion of interest for me online that I am very happy with.

I have done all sorts of videos ranging from powerhouse marketing advice, my key thoughts on Entrepreneurship, geopolitics and the like and some of these go viral and some are quite average.

One consistent hit of mine is footage of my cat. Yes, footage of my cat doing cute stuff. A few days ago, we put this ‘cute little card’ out on our balcony and almost instinctively our cat is putting on a show for us and looking just cool! That day, it was one of my highest ranking videos.

Cuteness does sell and get attention in various contexts and on the internet, there is just something about cute cats that racks up millions of views.

From the cat playing the piano, to “Oh Long Johnson” or just typing in the phrase “cute kittens” into YouTube, one will get overwhelmed with the countless cute cat videos.

Many marketers, social researchers and the like have questioned why cute cats (and cute stuff) in general grabs attention. Talking in my own example, I am obviously a marketing guy and that is what I stick too. However, if I put up cat footage it becomes a hit very quickly and totally impresses people.

Why is that? Why are cute cats the universal ticket in many forums?

My take is that ‘cute cats’ give people a break from the pain and challenges of their lives. It certainly does to me, if I am feeling frustrated, not in the zone – cat footage makes me relax and becomes quite pleasant (as the Egyptians, there is something about cats and humans).

My thinking and advice on this one? Using ‘Cute Cats’ doesn’t suit all business types but it can certainly suit many. You may use your pets or cute critters to break up what you are working on, give some variety to your customers so you can give them a break before you sell to them! LOL

I love using my pets as part of my marketing strategy and it all goes to show – people love cute cats, so if you have one – make him / her a profitable part of your marketing strategy (help pay for all that premium cat food you know?).

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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