Great to be pondering an awesome 2016!

Great to be pondering an awesome 2016!

For many right now (including myself), it’s been a time of finishing off the year on a high with acknowledging what has happened, but also equally considering what hasn’t gone exactly the way we wanted.

2015 has been a great year for me in terms of a great deal of achievement, however I haven’t achieved everything I have wanted. Sure, I have made a series of great moves and thoughts in that direction, and for me in 2016 there are key things I really need to achieve.

Many of us of are contemplating that right now and for many of us I can summarize the key ponderings & considerations for 2016. Of course this varies for many, but there are the top 3 x lessons / improvements I’d love to share with you all:

1) Right Clients / Right People / Right Events: It can be very easy to spend too much time in the wrong places with people that either mentally or financially aren’t suited to your business.  Mine was exactly that, I burned a lot of time and mental energy in the wrong places. Lesson learned! Chambers rock.

2) Not enough Social Media: I was doing an “Okay” job on Facebook, but it wasn’t until recently I know I really nailed it. It’s taken 5 x videos a day and lots of engagement – now it’s working just great. Gone are the days of setting up a campaign and forgetting about it.

3) More Leverage for time: Time is very valuable and it’s critical to be working in such a way that gives as much value / leverage for time. Speaking at events, webinars, great strategy for example.

For me in 2016, it’s about less errors and really focusing myself in a high value effective manner. I can look back in 2015 and see a lot of time which I wasted, but lesson learned.

My advice and thinking? Don’t beat yourself up, compliment yourself and give yourself a fair review. Mark yourself on what you have done well, not so well and go hard and win.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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