Lucas from Novotel Parramatta with my Soy Chai Latte. Go Novotel!

Lucas from Novotel Parramatta with my Soy Chai Latte. Go Novotel!

This may sound like an incredibly bizarre or even a “Captain Obvious to the Rescue” type of article in that I am talking about the obvious fact that ‘people’ are our customers.

Even if you are talking say a massive deal of say Canon supplying advanced printing solutions to say the Australian Defence Force, ultimately it is people using those printers for an outcome.

The reason why I am writing this article is that many businesses have a tendency to forget that. They get into ‘numbers mode’, see their customers as numbers on a spreadsheet and limit their thinking to “How can I get more customers and increase their average spend?”

Of course as a Marketer, this is how you think and what I like about the awesome Novotel you can see this is not how they completely think.

ACCOR and Novotel are obviously very business savvy and what I love about them is that:

+ They are clearly people centric, understand their customer well and know the value of great connections / customer service.

If you have read my previous blogs, I am a ‘Novotel Groupie’ who has spend key moments of my life with that brand of Hotels. Without evening mentioning great stays at other ACCOR brands (including Mercure and Pullman), I have had my first business trips, recovered from bad colds, sat in great spas and even spent my wedding night at the awesome Novotel Parramatta.

What I love about Novotel is that they are very people first. I have known the awesome Lucas for sometime, he runs a tight ship and I have met many clients at Novotel’s (including Parramatta) with it supporting my professional edge, style and helping us get results.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? People are critical in any business. Firstly it’s looking after your staff, so they look after your customers. Happy customers stay longer, buy more, recommend more.

Simple – Novotel get it, hence why I and many love them.

Your customers are everything! Love them. Big time.

Thanks for the read, appreciate it, like and share and please stay awesome.

P.S. Thank you Lucas and keep up the great stuff. Love your work!



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