NSW Business Chamber and Liverpool Council rocked tonight!

NSW Business Chamber and Liverpool Council rocked tonight!

Liverpool and the South Western Zone of Sydney is a place of heavy significance for me. Milperra was the place where I got my first decent job in Sydney to get back on my feet after the Global Financial Crisis and it was this part of town where I got my first clients.

My first clients! I used to run several networking groups there and as part of my own growth and development, I met lots of people, got my first clients and it kicked off my business to what it is today.

As things grew for me, my business grew across Sydney and tonight was awesome in the respect in that:

I got to go back to where it all began! Liverpool!

Tonight I was invited to the NSW Business Chamber “Boosting your Business Network” run in conjunction with Liverpool Council.

I met some old heroes / original clients from my old days and I bumped into easily at least 15 people I knew and I met some many others.

What inspired me about tonight’s experience was that it was a trip down memory lane. It got me thinking about the challenging yet ‘good old days’ of my business. It was the early mornings, nervously sending my first invoices, speaking in front of people and freaking out on a daily basis.

I now freak out every few months which is great (usually about something bizarre and pointless, tough being Persian lol) and the success I have today is built on my wins and successes from yesterday.

My advice and thinking? Never forget the early game people that helped you get there and use it as a means of inspiring you for the future.

I love Liverpool! Thank you for the great times and helping me begin.

Love your work, thank you for the read, thank you NSW Business Chamber, Liverpool Council and Natasha Burgess for inviting me.



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