Sydney gets smaller by the day. Great to know ones Marketing is working!

Sydney gets smaller by the day. Great to know ones Marketing is working!

It’s 11:41AM as I write this blog, sitting in the fine Westfield at Pitt St Mall in Sydney CBD.

Within the hustle and bustle of workers, tourists, business people, poor people, rich people and everyone else in between – it forms an eclectic melting post of awesome diversity.

Even though I got to the city all the time, this trip has been extra special in some of the events. Sure, I bump into people I know all the time – today I have bumped in 3 x people just on the way to Sydney CBD from Parramatta (not counting going to Cafes or regular places – subtracting that).

This included:

– A cool Indian guy on the train who has been to some of my events. We spoke about the awesome food options in Harris Park (Indian is one of my favourite cuisines).

– One of my old clients bosses who is one cool guy (he was having a ‘Breathe of Fresh Air / Cigarette). He was out in the street.

– One of my clients key managers sitting in a cafe.

This was even before I have hit lunch time and even though Sydney has a population of roughly 4.3 million (I just checked), it’s a very odd yet cool experience bumping into people you know.

The way I look at this is that it’s a sign that my Marketing is working. That is, I am out in the community, staying connected and meeting new people on Facebook and people like me enough to want to talk me (lol as I think they are awesome too).

Considering I only came to Sydney about 9 years ago (knowing no one) it’s a pretty cool progression over time. Also as well, it’s not so much that I have been here for ‘X’ years, it’s a function of being out and about + exploring.

My advice friends? You want to be well known and respected in the community. It’s critical to know / be known and connect with lots of people and making sure you are meeting more.

The more people you know, the more people will hire you, speak positively and help you succeed. Equally too, the more people I know – the better I can connect people to help each other.

So there you go, Sydney ain’t so small after all and it’s great to get out there and explore.

Love your work, thank you to those people I met, stay awesome and time to visit an awesome client as the food court packs out.



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