The Hornsby Chamber Commerce was a pleasure! Great people and things going down.

The Hornsby Chamber Commerce was a pleasure! Great people and things going down.

My adventures have taken me far and wide across Sydney and beyond. From visiting networking events out in Regional Australia, through to hitting the high end British Chamber Commerce – I am thinking I am hitting ‘Veteran’ status when it comes to business networking.

This time, my journey as the ‘Persian Wanderer’ has taken me to the the awesome Hornsby Chamber of Commerce. And it’s awesome leaving me very impressed.

Hornsby is located approximately 25km North West of Sydney CBD and it’s a beautiful leafy, outer edge city of Metro CBD full of great views, businesses, wealthy people and kindness.

I have heard about the Chamber a few times and I came across it’s listing on the NSW Business Chamber website. I had a free evening, so why not check it out and explore!

It was well worth it. I got lucky and made a great connection (who turned into a profitable meeting to come, yay), ate lots of little cakes, met great people continued to expand my list of connections across Sydney.

This was a special event of sorts as it was run in partnership with a charity project by the name of “Studio Artes” (this great concept that empowers disabled people by tapping into their creative potential) giving a massive crowd of very awesome, influential people across town.

The food was fantastic, the people was great and it was quite inspirational. The Hornsby Chamber staff was awesome and very receptive to connecting with myself (and also Parramatta Chamber which I represent here).

My lesson and thinking? Hornsby Chamber was very impressive tonight and it’s somewhere I plan on visiting again and adding to my list.

If it’s your part of town, I encourage you to check it out. Check out their website here to learn more!

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Hornsby Chamber of Commerce and stay awesome!



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