Heath speaking in his car got me thinking...

Heath speaking in his car got me thinking…

My awesome Mortgage Broker (who I only hope to use as I buy more properties lol) Heath Thompson put up a great video on Facebook that got me thinking.

He was talking about his new perspective that he formed while doing the Kokoda Trek over his last month. It included an amusing comment talking about people being consumed with the outcomes of TV reality shows (first world problems) and contrasted it against people in the developing world who are happy with nothing.

As I reflected on this, it got me pointing the light of observation back at myself and reflecting on times where I have spent lots of energy worrying about stuff that is really lame and pointless.

A recent one of that was getting consumed with some people that screwed me over in a business deal. It wasn’t over much, yet it put a massive bee in my bonnet which revved me up for a while. As time passed and I worked out my own maturity, I got over what was done to me and really moved on with style.

Talking business and marketing, your brain is very precious. We have businesses to run, bills to pay, awesome clients to look after and for me – having a healthier perspective has freed up many ‘mental resources’ to help me focus on what really matters.

For me, keeping suppliers working, projects moving has been everything in that driving my Automation is critical. That works for me 24 / 7, so the faster it moves, the better my life moves.

My advice and thinking? Like Heath said in his video (watch it here on his Facebook Page) think about how you see things.

Seeing things a certain way shall help you and some shall hinder you.

Make your thinking work for you!



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