A great scene from my youth and definently one of the best movies of all time!

A great scene from my youth and definitely one of the best movies of all time!

If you are a child from the 70’s and 80’s like me, you will know exactly what I am talking about in what I would argue to be one of the most epic Movie Scenes from that era (I am getting very old lol).

Our hero and main protagonist Daniel LaRusso was a bullied ethnic kid of a hard working single mother. Mr. Miyagi then became his paternal role model in life and who can remember that epic scene where Daniel is being beaten up by the Karate Gang and Mr. Miyagi defends his with ease?

After Daniel asks to learn Karate, Mr. Miyagi gets him doing all these seemingly ‘bizarre’ exercises. From painting his fences, cleaning around his house, sanding the floors on his decks and also the ‘Wax On / Wax Off” on a range of vintage vehicles.

As this all played out, Daniel thought at first he was being taken advantage of, which turned out to be him actually learning discipline and what would be the ‘base moments’ to him throwing and blocking attacks coming this way.

For whatever reason, this came into my head today when I was reflecting on how I have been building my own discipline lately. I have been working out more, eating healthy, kicked my sugar addictions, stopping biting my nails and all these vices which has been challenging – but equally liberating.

One key theme of Karate Kid which I relate to my life today is how in Karate, it technique was only part of it – the underlying discipline and mindset was everything for success.

Business & Marketing is no different in this regard – ultimately, if you have to say visit events, put out blogs, videos on Facebook or articles on LinkedIn, it takes the discipline to keep pumping them out day in and day out.

“Wax On / Wax Off” comes as a key theme here, you need to do the same thing over and over again to get really good at it. I am a fantastic blogger (hope you enjoy this blog lol) because I blog everyday.

You only get fit by exercising each day / eating well.

You only get successful by doing successful things everyday (or staying successful).

My advice friends? Discipline starts with us and within. Push yourself to improve, enjoy the satisfaction you shall derive and watch success kick in. It’s been a great one for me!

Love your work, thank you Karate Kid and stay awesome!



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