Our Lives during the long NIGHTS (Thank you Benny Hill!)

Benny Hill now controls my dreams. Nice!

Benny Hill now controls my dreams. Nice!

I found it fascinating learning in first year Anatomy (and then much later on ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’) that our brains are actually thinking 24 hours per day.

Even though we may say sleep whatever hours we sleep; our organic computer is busy recharging, recalculating and plotting it’s moves for the next day.

When I started out in business, I used to have a real scarcity / negative mindset. Rightly or wrongly I developed this over many years and for me I started taking advantage of evenings to change the way I think.

This started actually listening to hypnosis tapes (yes, ‘tapes’) which later became MP3’s through my iPod. As these messages pounded my mind throughout the night it would help me gradually change and improve my life.

These days its gets even funnier. I listen to YouTube on continuous with anything from Donald Trump speeches, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad and whatever funny stuff online.

Many ask me how I have become so confident (especially as of late) and I can tell you that this technique has been instrumental. As a I listed to these great speakers whilst I sleep (with headphones from my S7), I dream of many wonderful things.

Some of these dreams can be really cool and if anything, I had the recent dream in which myself and my wife were on a ‘Survivorish’ / Reality TV show with a bit of Big Brother. It was really fun with anything from cookoffs, to hanging off ropes, fighting on the top of logs over water with soft bats and the like. For whatever reason my wife was just pregnant too!

We had all these challenges and at one part one of the show one of the contestants tried to kiss my wife. In a typical ‘Edward Zia’ fit of rage I went a bit crazy and pushed the guy to the ground. Then, security kicked in the door and pulled guns on me saying ‘Freeze Eddie!’.

I then freaked out and ran for it with them chasing me to the Benny Hill soundtrack. It was wonderful and even though it was funny as hell, it started my day with a smile and a spring in my step.

My advice and thinking? As we sleep it’s a great chance to mediate prior, take it easy, listen to great stuff and keep pushing our minds the way we want.

The more we do it the better. You also get epic dreams too. Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. You rock Benny Hill.