Edward did nothing wrong!

Edward did nothing wrong!

Edward did nothing wrong!

I have been speaking to many wonderful clients lately exploring the concept of ‘Impostor Syndrome’. If you haven’t heard these exact words then you will know what I mean when I say it’s us feeling deep down that we are ‘not worthy’ or ‘not good enough’ for whatever we are doing in life.

This may not be a problem if we are happy with our lot in life. However, if we want to grow, deliver more, lead and achieve it’s a massive problem.

Basically what happens to many of us is that we start stepping up in our business, it can create a lot of emotional issues that can slow us down. Anxiety, stress, fear of rejection and more; this can all come to the surface creating us a feeling of ‘un-wellness’ that can really slow down our Marketing in more ways than one.

This has been very challenging for me over the past few months and I have been working through my own internal issues saying this over and over again:

  • Edward did nothing wrong!

As I say this to myself it helps me get over that little ‘Impostor Syndrome’ than can exist in all of us and slow down what we want to achieve in life.

My advice and thinking? If you are feeling these type of feelings don’t let it stop you. As you fight it more you get over it and I like my own power saying of ‘I did nothing wrong!’. That gets me out of the mental cycle and gets me back to a state of abundance and mental productivity.

After all nothing beats getting out of our own way.

Love your work, thank you for the read and you did nothing wrong!