I talk to at least 30 WONDERFUL PEOPLE a day!

Keep mixing with wonderful people always! (Love your work Jamie and Nathalie)

Keep mixing with wonderful people always! (Love your work Jamie and Nathalie)

In a way that could almost be seen contradictory (but I mean this complementary) I once got caught up too much with ‘Automated Marketing’.

Leverage, Automation, Emails, FB Videos and being seen thousands of times per day is absolutely wonderful; however we have found it’s not enough by itself.

A good 3 months ago I started to shift lots of my thinking as my business went online with my Awesome Marketing Vault taking off. I actually started finding that I have more time available that I used too in that I am doing a better job of looking after my clients without having to do the direct input of hours.

As lots of aspects I would teach have been replaced by my videos, my awesome clients learn more without me present and when we do work directly together it’s an opportunity to focus on much more serious higher level issues.

As a result, I have had more time available and do you think I went to sit on the beach, do nothing and sit there humming and thinking about abundance?

If any of you know me at all, OF COURSE NOT.

It’s given me an opportunity to put out better content and talk to more people. It’s been an incredible experience and I have actually learned lots about not so much Marketing, but SALES.

In terms of growing my own community and helping more people I have found that it’s an exercise of just talking to lots of people all the time! To get a new awesome person into our community actually takes lots of work! I don’t just ask one person and ‘hey presto’ they come on in. I speak to dozens of people and over time some will take action and join us. Basically I have found it has come down to this for me:

  • I must speak to at least 30 people a day!

Be it face to face, events, over the phone, saying hello through Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn; I need to speak to lots of people. When you play numbers such as these, you only need one or two to like what you are about and that can turn into a meeting, an online, sale or a referral.

Also too, it gives me the chance to help people too. I may never ever have them as clients, but I can at least give them a few pointers to make their life easier. After all, spirituality rocks.

My advice and thinking? Set yourself a great target of the number of people you must speak too every day. Mine is at least 30 and it just works. Do it, win and enjoy!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends.

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