Old Friends. New Generation.

Leaner, Darker, More Powerful and Happier - it was a pleasure seeing Jacque Wills again after all these years!

Leaner, Darker, More Powerful and Happier – it was a pleasure seeing Jacque Wills again after all these years!

Believe it (or not) I actually had a day of no meetings. This almost never happens especially on a Monday and I hit the gym and was spending some serious time getting ahead of my schedule and focusing on what matters.

As this all played out, I got a message from an old client and friend who I haven’t seen face to face in years. We have exchanged a few messages here and there over Facebook, but I got a message from her saying she was in town and had some time to meetup.

It was certainly divine providence in this playing out in that I was available to meet and we enjoyed a fine lunch on the beautiful Darling Harbour. It was like we saw each other yesterday and Jacque Wills had just started a new business which I am pumped about.

What was a fascinating undertone to our reconnection was that we are old friends, yet we are both ‘massive upgrades’ on our old selves. We were both darker, learner, tougher, happier and more productive than our original selves and it was a pleasure seeing how everything for us has played out for the better.

Talking to the negative (for the moment) I have had the opposite experiences when I have reconnected with people. Some people are worse off that what they were years ago, however talking to the positive; most are better off.

The people that are better off some years later are always the tenacious ones that are productive and busy working away on themselves. Sure they may have had losses and hard times on the way, but they people who put in the effort to just get back on top and stay that way.

My advice and thinking? If like throws at you lemons, pick them up and throw them harder back at life. Don’t take down times too long and keep taking every little advantage you can to get the edge.

The ones (like us) that do are the ones that although tragedy does strike as anyone else, you maximise your resistance to damage and also grow / recover faster.

Love your work, great seeing you awesome Jacque and God bless you wonderful people.

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