Keeping up with your Marketing: THE MUST

I totally love my Marketing. I can't miss a bit.

I totally love my Marketing. I can’t miss a bit.

I have had some incredible days of being very busy. I may be speaking at events, working with incredible clients that I love and just flat out.

That is great and its fun winning and even for me I have days that in ‘Keeping up with my Marketing’ can be a challenge. Be it I get out a video on Facebook, share some content, write up a blog or even make contact on LinkedIn; every little bit counts.

What I have learned throughout this whole experience is that sure I may be flat out and miss things, BUT there is no excuse to miss out on Marketing. That every time I miss that video, newsletter or making that important follow up call; I am robbing my businesses future in one way or the other.

The way Marketing tends to work is that it’s a ‘future’ type of critical behaviour. In the moment we do it, it can be seemingly useless, but of course in the whole context of things the clients we sign up today are probably people are started listening to us three months ago.

My advice and thinking? Keep up with your Marketing! Be it you have some helping you or you are doing it yourself, whatever you do don’t miss out too much or for too long.

Of course you may miss out on something here and there, but make it the ‘here and there’ / ‘exception to the rule’. It will keep you busy, the business stable and of course help you to continue winning big.

So Market really hard and smile lots.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!