Oh Sonia Kruger, You’ve Done it Again!

Sonia's back. Didn't take long! (Image Credit - Channel 9, Today Extra)

Sonia’s back. Didn’t take long! (Image Credit – Channel 9, Today Extra)

I didn’t even know how Sonia Kruger was a few months ago and I am now following her in Twitter, retweeting her content and keeping a close eye on her career.

When she came out recently with her commentary on restricting Muslim Immigration she was panned by some, but supported by some.  Keeping an eye on her Facebook comments you could see the turning tide of support going for her non-politically correct truthful style.

I said it then and I say this again now, that was all a deliberate setup to make her popular and get her in vogue. She is a respected, experienced and cautious TV personality that doesn’t blurt out things (she planned this one).

Now awesome Sonia is back! This time she is questioning scholarships in the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) community.

After watching her clip on the Today Extra show, you see a clever, intelligent and objective Sonia questioning why $7,000 scholarships should be awarded to students based on sexual preferences / gender identity and she called reverse discrimination on this one.

She is going into a passionate area of heated debate here and it’s been a massive change of discussion that has come out in Australia over the past 12 months. In much of the discussion you see on Australian Television in particular, it would be quite ‘left wing’ in nature. That is if there is a social narrative, it won’t be questioned challenged or anything like that. If it’s however something to do with the Church, Christians or the Silent masses it would be open season.

When Sonia came out with her views on Muslim Immigration she got slammed, but she is still around and from what I can tell – very alive and kicking. The part that I find fascinating is that when you look at people leaving comments, you get a lot coming out in support of her views.

My thinking and advice on this one? Yes! She has done it again by challenging ideas in the free market place. I don’t know enough about scholarships to give an intelligent viewpoint on this, however it’s great to have the debate, discussion and raise key awareness.

Free speech is certainly a two way street and Sonia is becoming one of those leading commentators paving the way there. As she becomes this type of ‘character’, expect more seemingly attention grabbing comments to come out from her.

Thanks for the read, here here to free speech and looking forward to seeing how this one plays out!