Watching Andrew Bolt and Milo speak is inspirational. The right is back friends!

Watching Andrew Bolt and Milo speak is inspirational. The right is back friends!

Donald Trump is ahead of the ratings, Twitter is in a massive decline, right wing governments are being voted in and we are even seeing the rise of Pauline Hansen in Australia.

I am known to be a ‘right wing’ character and when I talk politics, many people rightly ask me what it means in trying to figure out where they are in the spectrum.

To help answer this one, I visited Google and founds lots of definitions. The one which gave a great answer was from with:

Right wing beliefs value tradition, they are about equity, survival of the fittest, and they believe in economic freedom. They typically believe that business shouldn’t be regulated, and that we should all look after ourselves. Right wing people tend believe they shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s education or health service. They believe in freedom to succeed over equality.

This made perfect sense to me and with the wave of immigration, the decline of the European Union, world security not being exactly ‘water tight’ right now, people’s thinking & voting have shifted.

From over 10 years ago, it was all about rights, refugees and the like. These days it’s about tight borders, security and protecting ourselves. Everything has changed and people like Andrew Bolt, Pauline Hansen, Paul Murray and the like have gone from ‘fringe players’ to those in the spot light being highly listened too.

I watched a clip of Andrew Bolt talking to Milo Yiannopoulos about him getting banned on Twitter (courtesy of Sky News) If you don’t know Milo, I encourage you to Google him and learn more about this awesome fellow.

He is a Gay Conservative who is extremely ‘right wing’, funny to watch and interestingly he got banned on Twitter recently for nothing many consider quite serious. In being a fan and studying him; it really comes to the surface that he got banned on Twitter not for being cheeky or trash talking, but having a solid, respectable and influential right wing view.

Milo is becoming massive now, getting known in the Australian market and Twitter is becoming public enemy of many. Twitter is known to be quite left wing and is decline.

My take on all this? As the world comes more dangerous, people are flocking to common sense, rationality and security over idealism. The right of politics is all about this and it’s on the rise.

From the face of Trump to Pauline Hanson, there is far more to come! Being right wing is becoming a sensible choice of many and the left is struggling more and more.

Stay tuned friends, won’t be long till Trump is President…

Love your work, thanks for the read and great times ahead!



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  1. WHAT SETS PAULINE HANSON AND ONE NATION APART FROM THE TWO MAJOR PARTIES. 1 She understands that a government is there for the people and is their voice and a government that governs least governs best. 2 She is not ruled by political correctness, identity politics, or socalist agendas and she wont be dictated to by the elites that try to run the peoples lives for there own personal agendas and greed.. 3 She understands that free speech is important and wants to abolish horrid laws like 18c as she knows that when governments  take away free speech using terrible laws like this to silence the public, the people are forced to become silent and dumb, and therefore are bought like sheep to the slaughter. 3 She understands the importance of immigration and national security issues and unlike the major parties is not afraid to speak out and address the issues that concern us all.. For pauline the australian people and there safety, and the australian way of life is the number one priority. 4 Although she is not against unions and lobby groups she recognises that under the control of the major parties they are hijacking our country and dictating our very way of life. One nation will not be dictated to and bullied or controlled by these groups its the people and the majority that have the final say. 5 . She is not easily intimidated or frightened. She will speak her mind and will not be prevented from achieving her goals.  She has been taught responsibility, self worth, and how to triumph over difficult situations. She stands up for what she believes and stands up for her country. 6 Pauline has great compassion for the elderly the homeless the farmers and the many australians that the major parties ignore and leave behind. 7 Pauline knows deep within her that she has the support of the peoples from all over Australia and her  policies and characteristics is that of the majority of australians. She is the only leader who can connect with the people. She gets out there and speaks to the people and understands and listens to there wants and needs. 8  Pauline Hanson is a person who will stand up for the rights of people. She is not apathetic to the problems of her fellow man. She believes that she can make a difference. It is this trait that threw her headlong into political life and set her on the path to Canberra. 9  People have recognised the great courage she has shown in making her stand and felt  and know she was not being given a fair go. They peopke recognise she was unfairly treated and now they know that our country needs her great qualities to restore our country. 10  Pauline Hanson and One Nation is going from strength to strength and  she  is currently unstoppable as the people have woken up to the blatant lies and non stop corruption and have plainly had enough if the major parties taken the oeople for a ride and treating us like second rate citizens

    • Thank you Domenic for the great comment and I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID 100%.

      Your’re awesome.

      Love your work 🙂 To the rise of Pauline!

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