The numbers game of success

Meet lots of wonderful people is how you win - one of them is bound to hire you!

Meet lots of wonderful people is how you win – one of them is bound to hire you!

Some months ago in the late part of 2016 I started a massive analysis and lots of personal reflection. The intent of this thinking and work was to completely understand where I was ‘winning’ in the hope I could replicate that and do more of it to get the success I seek.

As I asked myself all sorts of questions (from the most logical to the most ‘creative’), I found that playing the ‘numbers’ game was a big part of that.

What made me think of this to a greater level was actually this fantastic event I went to tonight. Since the start of 2017 I discovered this fantastic new CBD Business & Social meetup that I have been going too. As it’s a Business / Social event you go there to basically have fun, make friends and as you go about that – you find people that you just want to do business with.

This is great and at many of these events (even the Business Chambers) a good half of the room are single and are busy ‘looking’. As a happily married man with a smile and a big wedding ring showing; I have found on a few events that I end up counselling lovely women & men who are still single and are just having trouble ‘finding the one’.

When I hear their stories, I find out very quickly that they tend not to get out much and meet new people. Sure, they may meet friends, be social and the like – but in terms of actually new people, they barely meet anyone.’ As I heard this problem, thought of how I get clients and how I *finally* met my wonderful wife it involved meeting just lots of people!

Talking business, sales, relationships or whatever; let’s say I want to get a client. If I go about to say 3 x networking events a week, let’s say I meet a new 40 to 60 people I have never met before. I only need one of them to be crazy / awesome enough to hire me.

Same for those who I counsel and speak too that are single as well. If they are going out, meeting new people (and I mean NEW people), let’s say they spent a few months going out and meet 400 new people. One of them is bound to be a great match! Likewise talking my own business, if I meet a good 80 people – chances are one of them will hire me.

What is the solution? Get out there and meet more people and play the numbers. The trick is however doing it in a fun way. I know that I will get clients if I meet enough people and I say to awesome singles; you will find a great date / partner if you meet enough people.

The trick is to get out of our own heads, just meet lots of people and let the numbers take care of themselves. My advice and thinking? Smile, don’t worry and just work the numbers. It’s fun and as you stay in the zone you shall find those wonderful people for the great win / win you seek.


  • To my business friends: Keep meeting lots of people and you shall win.
  • To my single friends: Keep meeting lots of people and you shall win.

You get it right? Love your work and stay awesome friends 🙂