The ‘Corporate Fun’ Side of Wet’n’Wild Sydney

I loved seeing the 'Corporate Side' of Wet'n'Wild Sydney. Thank you Sara Ang!

I loved seeing the ‘Corporate Side’ of Wet’n’Wild Sydney. Thank you Sara Ang!

It was just 9:55AM, it was already 32°C / 90°F and there must have been a crowd of several hundred people waiting for the sharp opening time of 10AM.

Then as it ticked over with almost military like precision; up comes the gates and the enthusiastic families started powering through to get into the cool water fun the fantastic park has to offer.

Meanwhile, I am standing there in my red polo shirt, wearing my marine cup with stylish (yet very hot) Levi’s® Jeans. Some minutes later the awesome Sara Ang arrives and we catch up and she starts taking me on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of this fantastic theme park.

Going back some months; I actually met Sara at the Blacktown Chamber of Commerce and we clicked and she invited me to come for a visit. It has been my first time ever behind the scenes at anything part of the Village Roadshow Entertainment Group and I was strangely about to have fun at a ‘Water Park’ without getting a drop of water on me.

As Sara took me around, introduced me to the staff, showed me some of the great areas she started telling the story of being one of the ‘original characters’ who was there before and as the park was being built. It’s been a massive joyride of success since then and beyond the great slides and water entertainment, Sara took me into the actual ‘Corporate’ side of the park.

There was a great function centre that was just built that upon entry dropped to a beautiful 22°C and you could easily mistake it for one of the beautiful scenes out of a top 5 star business hotel in Sydney CBD. Sara then took me along to some fine outdoor areas where serious parties can be organised with fine activities of getting extremely wet in between (we also hit the Dinosaur Lagoon which rocked).

We then hit their nice coffee shop on site, I enjoyed a ‘Peanut Butter Frappe’ and we talked about business, life, social media and everything in between.

What impressed me about Wet’n’Wild Sydney was how it was much more than a ‘theme park’ so to speak on the surface. They have got right into the business space and also helping out the community through teaching ‘Surfing Lessons’. Very reminiscent of something you would see in Dubai; they even had their artificial beach area with serious wave generation that you can learn how to surf on.

This is something quite cool when you consider you are tens of kilometres West into Sydney far away from any serious coast with waves that one could even stand up for more than a moment. Sara was incredibly proud and passionate of the “Wet’n’Wild Sydney Surf School” that teaches big time in this area (visit their Facebook Page here).

My learnings and lessons from today? Wet’n’Wild is a great concept far beyond the cool slides and fun times. It’s actually a really nice Corporate spot that one a very long and fun day shall play out nicely.

Love your work Wet’n’Wild Sydney, thank you Sara Ang and watch this space – I shall get back there soon after I gain the courage to go down one of the fine slides 🙂