Your ‘Light’ side and ‘Dark’ side

I love Star Wars - shows that life is certainly not black and white...

I love Star Wars – shows that life is certainly not black and white…

My life over the past few months has changed in many ways which has changed me, confronted me, pleased me and made me really grow up really quickly you could say.

What has been going through my mind lately is of course one of my favourite films ever; Star Wars. I love it and for whatever reason I have felt like I have really connected with a few of the characters in that film (** Slight Spoiler Alert **).

Firstly (and dangerously); I connect well with Anakin Skywalker who was good, but had this ‘dark side’ that tragically got the better of him. Like many of us I am sure, I have my own ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ side playing out. The ‘Dark’ side obviously turned him into Darth Vader (obviously bad).

Secondly; I feel somewhat like a younger Obi-Wan Kenobi learning key lessons that will turn me into the older Ben Kenobi one day in the future. He was not someone who ever got angry and really did the right thing. The ‘Light’ side was strong with him, but I think he was very passive until later on (I think his passive nature didn’t do anyone any good).

Both characters were quite amazing in the Star Wars story as it played out. There are lots of decisions we have to make on a daily basis and I find as well that especially as our businesses grow and situations come up you tend to have both ways you can go about things.

There is seemingly the ‘Light’ side and the ‘Dark’ side to many situations. Both thinking may get the upper hand in that situation but if you invest too much into you ‘Dark’ side it tends to become stronger. Equally as you invest in your ‘Light’ side you can become nicer but could even become passive.

It’s something that has gone through my mind in many ways and its part of the confusion of life that Star Wars tells. We are all part ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ side to a point and talking marketing this is my take away from this:

  • “Always play to the ‘Light’ side, but a little bit of strength and drive from the ‘Dark’ side is very handy.”

My advice and thinking? In marketing & business you will be confronted with many situations – some easy and some grey. I lean towards the ‘light’ side in telling the truth even if it harms me.

However, if someone does something quite unethical and out of line, nothing wrong with a bit of Anankin ‘Dark’ side kicking in. I think drawing a bit of humour, bite and fun from our dark side can make for some compelling marketing.

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you Star Wars; the philosophy you have put out there has me growing to a new level.