My love for Social Meetup Groups

Our Social Meetup HQ rocked tonight! More to come.

Tonight, was a great successful trial in which I was totally thrilled; I ran my first Social Meetup Event and it rocked.

Historically I have tons of experience in the Business / Seminar type of Meetups where this time, the awesome Meetup New York team asked me to run a Social Meetup.

It worked extremely well in that:

  • Small tight group: 12 of us met up and it was great
  • Beautiful Venue: We held it at the trendy Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour and it was WOW.
  • Fun people and great conversations: Everyone just got along and it was a top night with friends.
  • Business was done: People got along, booked meetings and it’s happening.
  • Easy to organise: Minimal work required, just plug and play.

I really liked it to the point where I shall be considering Social Meetups for what I am doing.

My advice and thinking? Business Meetups are great, whilst Social Meetups bring a new element to the table. I am developing the view that both are great and there is benefit to both the ‘Social’ and ‘Business Seminar’ variants.

Love your work, hope this helps you in creating yours and stay awesome friends!