Watching my pal Brendan Rogers in action

Brendan Rogers is a top guy and he even dropped me off at Gosford Station very late at night!

I was very lucky earlier this week to speak at a great powerhouse event in NSWs Central Coast.

With thanks to my pal Michael Bruhwiller, he has been going around saying VERY NICE things about me.

One of his friends is a Leadership & Performance Coach in the Central Coast that was looking for a Marketing Coach to speak at his event.

I was then referred (thank you Michael!) and contacted by the lovely man Brendan Rogers. What I immediately picked from Brendan Rogers is his kindness, warmth and strength.

He wasn’t a high energy psycho (like me lol). He was a kind, strong and calm guy and in a way was my wonderful opposite. At Brendan’s event, he had the best crowd and this is what I noticed:

  • It was a calm, kind and great mannered event.
  • Brendan wouldn’t say much, but people would listen to him.
  • Everything about him was building up everyone around him.
  • As a result, everyone loved him!

My advice and thinking? Connect with Brendan Rogers. He is a great guy.

Secondly, always make helping people around you a priority. As you help people around you, you end up helping yourself to WIN BIG 😊

I love your work, many thanks to Brendan and stay awesome friends!